Client Gallery

A Showcase of Beauty and Creativity

Welcome to the Artistry By Lyd Client Photo Gallery, where every image unveils a story and captures a moment, and every client shines in their own unique beauty. Lydia's gallery is more than just a collection of images, it's a testament to the transformative power of hair and makeup artistry. Dive into a world of beauty, where creativity meets elegance, and discover why Artistry By Lyd stands out in the realm of beauty services in Houston, TX.


Explore the transformative power of hair artistry through Lydia's diverse portfolio. Whether it's a bold new color, an elegant updo, or a sleek cut, this gallery showcases the expertise and creativity that goes into enhancing each client's natural beauty. See for yourself the magic that happens when Lydia's clients trust her with their tresses.

Make Up

Dive into the colorful world of makeup with Lydia's gallery featuring stunning transformations. From soft, natural looks to bold, statement makeup, each image reflects her dedication to highlighting each client's best features. Discover the art of perfecting complexions, accentuating eyes, and sculpting faces, all tailored to fit individual styles and preferences.


Lydia's bridal gallery is a romantic journey through dreamy hairstyles, flawless makeup, and radiant smiles. Each bride is a canvas of love, adorned with hair and makeup that reflects her personality and the essence of her special day. From classic to contemporary, bohemian to glamourous, witness how Artistry By Lyd brings bridal visions to life.

For more breathtaking transformations and behind-the-scenes glimpses into Lydia's creative process, follow her on Instagram @ArtistryByLyd. Her feed is a vibrant showcase of her latest projects, happy clients, and the endless possibilities that hair and makeup artistry can offer.

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